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computer monitorHow to read cathode ray tube monitor type number

Every pictube tube comes with a sticker that sticked on its crt coating. Those numbers printed on the sticker represent some meaning. By reading this article, at least you will know more in depth about cathode ray tube or crt.

Cathode ray tube experiment-how to break the crt neck video

Somehow every computer or tv repair workshop must have certain bad crt that need to be discard away. But we can't just simply throw it to the rubbish dump. There is a better way of handling cathode ray tube (crt). Check out the video for yourself.

Monitor horizontal lines problem video

Discover how randyfromm explains the failures in vertical ouput that causes one horizontal line problem.

How cathode ray tube work video

Understanding how a cathode ray tube work and its explanation through this video is a great advantage to those electronic repairers that deals with picture tube.

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How G2 line capacitor can caused no display problem

Discover the secrets to solve computer monitor no display problem caused by a defective capacitor in G2 line circuit.



Dell 17" (Likom L705XXX) Monitor Repair

How to easily repair the dell monitor with no power problem

Likom 14" L4031NDG no display

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LG 710E Monitor Repair

How to solve a missing blue color in this Monitor

Screen Control Grids

Question on how to remove shorts between the G2 and G1 electrodes

Viewsonic Monitor Problems

How to solve color patches problem