Recommended DVD Player Repair

Ebook By Humphrey Kimathi


Dear electronics repairer,

The DVD Player repair guide EBook by Humphrey covers the main DVD blocks which include the power supply board, the loader and its associated components and the main board.

The book is highly recommended for new students in electronics and provides a solid foundation for those who want to scale the ladder of DVD player repair faster.

Because of the important of the power supply in all electronics equipment, Humphrey have done his best to explain the working principles and troubleshooting techniques with regard to DVD power supplies.

Switch mode power supply (S.M.P.S) design have a lot of similarities irrespective of the equipment type and therefore you can throw a formidable challenge to any S.M.P.S problem which comes your way using the information shared in the eBook.


List of Content

Chapter 1: introduction to DVD player repair

Chapter 2: An overview of DVD Player, Power board, Loader and Decoder

Chapter 3: Component found in DVD Player Power supply (S.M.P.S)

Chapter 4: Introduction to how DVD player S.M.P.S works.

Chapter 5: Troubleshooting DVD power supply.

Chapter 6: Understanding the Loader components, the lens, motors, pickup

Chapter 7: how I solved ORION DVD player which with DEAD symptoms.

Chapter 8: how I solved ‘No disc” symptoms on JVC DVD player

Chapter 9: LG DVD Disc spins at high speed but no audio no video.

Chapter 10: How I repaired a DVD home theatre system with “No Disc” symptoms.

Chapter 11: How I solved LG DVD player which was hit by power surge.

Chapter 12: Conclusion:

The book is divided into two parts:

Part one: is composed of 6 chapters - Introduction to DVD player repair. Understanding and troubleshooting the DVD power supply, the Loader components and common problems associated with these modules.

Part Two: is composed of 5 chapters of how he solved real life Common DVD player cases on his workbench.

The book is illustrated with Color photos to make the reader learn faster and get the concept pretty fast. 

Every Chapter is hyperlinked to the list of content for easy navigation within the book for those who decide to read the book directly from the computer screen.

The ebook price is only USD14.95 and it comes with his full if you have any issue just send him the DVD Player model and symptoms and he will help you out.

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