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electronic repair toolsA must have high voltage probe if you repair computer monitor or tv

Using high voltage probe to repair computer monitor or tv is an advantage to you because you can see the actual voltage produced at the anode (high voltage). A too high or too low high voltage reading could mean that there are certain circuitry in the circuit is having problem. We can't guess how much is the high voltage by hearing. Our normal multimeter can't test the high voltage because it can check voltage up to 1000 volt ac/dc only! With the help of high voltage probe, it can also pinpoint you right to the defective circuit. Read the article to learn more about high voltage probe.


How to use dick smith esr meter to check ceramic disc capacitor

Every owner of dick smith esr meter knows that the meter are designed to check low ohms resistor and electrolytic capacitor. Somehow this special meter have the capabilities to check beyond electrolytic capacitor, it can be used to test ceramic disc capacitor or non-polarity capacitor. The good news is , it can check those capacitor on board! Click the link for more information.