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How you can become a professional electronics repairer …Even if you’re just starting out.


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“It’s worth the value spent. The course content which emphasize more on ‘hands-on’ then theory, really improved my practical trouble-shooting skill. With the friendly & encouraging instructor it further boosts myself confidence. Definitely a good workshops not to be missed for those who want to be a repair/service technician but not having any basic in electronic”


Tang Chii Teng

(Petronas Fertilizer Bintulu Sarawak)



I discontinued my 2-years electronic course because the syllabus involved too much calculations and theoretical framework. What I need is hands-on practical  training. In just a couple of days after attending Noahtech’s workshop, I  managed to fix my own electronic projects kits, measure electronic components and best of all, I can start repairing a monitor or printer. With this knowledge, I  plan to set up my own monitor and printer repairing company. Unbelievable! I will definitely recommend Noahtech to my friends…


Wanchalerm Taengkasem (Student)

( Thailand)





Discover the repairing secret which will make you like a Pro-Guaranteed.


If you know how to repair, then you can…

-Troubleshoot and repair your electronics equipment

-Have a successful career in the IT or electronics industry


-Start your own electronics repairing business


technical course


If you want to become a professional computer monitor and printer repairer, you must learn and apply the proven repairing techniques immediately, and the core skill of starting your own repairing business. 


We’ll teach you step-by-step in details on how to become a successful computer monitor and printer repairer… even if you feel like you don’t know how to use a solder gun, multimeter and still have nightmares trying to understand how electronic things work! Now that’s certainly a tall statement, but let us show you how it is possible, in fact, quite straight forward to make you a successful repairer using the methods which we’ll teach you in these workshops…




After attending Noahtech’s Basic Electronic Course for 3 days, I’m able to check most of the electronic components, fix electronic project kit and troubleshoot electronic equipment. As compared to my friends who have attended other electronic courses, they have taken 1 year to perform the same task that I can do now!


Chung Ten Sui (Sales Promoter)

(Kuala Lumpur)


technical training


You need proven experts to guide you through the process!


  • We have more than 17 years experience in computer repairing.
  • We are the distributors of a wide range of computer monitor and printer spare parts.
  • We have published a best selling e-book – “The Absolute Essential Guide To Determine The Value Of A Burnt Resistor Even Without A Schematic Diagram” 
  • We are one of the leading monitor and printer repairing company in Malaysia


Why should I choose monitor and printer repairing as a career?  Here’s why:


It can generate a good income

Profit margin is more than 250%

The repairing industry is not be affected by economic downturn

Able to start repairing immediately after completion of the workshop

Most transaction are by cash

Easy and fun to learn

Small paid-up capital to start a business

Minimum risks involved


Analyzing Monitor Board

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Even if you already have experience in electronic repair, you can still choose monitor and printer repair to add on to your repairing portfolio. This will also provide additional income to your business.


technical trainings


   Listen what others have to say: -




I managed to repair a lot of monitors which are stacked in my storeroom, after attending Noahtech’s Advanced Practical Monitor repairing workshop. This is the best monitor workshop I’ve ever attended and I’ve already obtained my return on investment. I will definitely attend the printer repairing workshop.


Mohamad Che Mamat (TV Repairer)




The Basic monitor workshop is EXCELLENT!!


Daniel Moh (Computer Dealer)

( Singapore )


Why should you choose our repairing workshops?


Hands-on approach

Assurance of quality presentation

No prior IT qualification needed

90% practical training

Technical backup by Instructors

Well-equipped engineering labs

Experienced and qualified instructors

Small number of participants/students in class

No previous experience needed




technical repairing institute



The printer workshop is just EXCELLENT!!!

Meor Abdul Rahim (Computer Dealer)

(Kuala Kangsar)


After completing the Advanced Practical Monitor Repairing Workshop, I must say that I should have known Noahtech earlier!!

Mohd Isa (Monitor Repairer)






technical institute




Learn the tips, tricks and secrets directly from the instructors

that have a vast experience in monitor and printer repair




You have nothing to lose because…



A re-sit on the workshop is available if  you are unable to fully understand the workshop content. Try out our workshop today –

Your satisfaction is assured!!!






Note: The repair information that you have read in is not enough to turn you into a professional electronic repairer because what you need is hands on practical and guidance from experienced instructors and they will share with you their all time electronic repair tips and secrets only to those who take up the technical courses. We have developed a program to guide you to become a professional electronic repairer in the shortest time. That's our commitment to you!



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To your success,

Jestine Yong

(Technical Director)