CRT TV Real Life Repair Experience Guide Vol.1 By Humphrey

CRT TV Real Life Repair Experience Guide Vol.1 eBook is composed of 10 chapters of pure real life repair histories from the technician work bench.  

The Ebook is illustrated with numerous color photos to make the reader get the concept pretty fast. 

Bearing in mind that most electronics problems in Television are common irrespective of the Television model  I believe this eBook will help you in cutting down on time spent troubleshooting and repairing CRT televisions set brought to your workbench.  

List of Content  

Chapter 1: SONY TV DEAD 

Chapter 2: LG 21” Television intermittent dead. 

Chapter 3: Phillips TV Dead model 20G X1552 

Chapter 4: Trident 21” Television with color problems. 

Chapter 5: Samsung Slim Television 21’’ (model cs21510) Hit by high voltage. 

Chapter 6: Sony TV KV-G21Q2 picture ok and no sound. 

Chapter 7: GLD 21'' Television with no power symptoms 

Chapter 8: JCV Television Color problem 

Chapter 9: GLD Television with a single horizontal line 

Chapter 10: Akira Television Dead 

Chapter 11: Conclusion 

The ebook price is only USD9.95 and it comes with his full if you have any issue just send him the Television model and symptoms and he will help you out. Please click below to order his ebook now!