How To Repair No Picture Problem in Plasma TV


 plasma tv repair

Picture 1 

Pic1: Here is a plasma tv that has audio but no picture. Damon is using a digital scope that is '100 mega-samples p/s' to troubleshoot the display problem. 

plasma television repair

Picture 2

Pic2: In conjunction to using the scope Damon also monitors the Vs voltage (196v) using a digital multimeter. This Vs voltage is supplied from the power board to the Y sustain. Y sustain uses the Vs supply to generate the sustain waveform output going to the Y electrodes of the panel. 

plasma tv repairing

Picture 3

Pic3: Now that the Vs supply is confirmed Damon programs the scope and is now connecting the scope probe to the test bead of the Y sustain to measure the high voltage sustain signal. The scope probe is set to X10. 

plasma tv troubleshooting

Picture 4

Pic4: Immediately after connecting the probe the oscilloscope reveals a major upset in the sustain waveform. Damon is pointing to the squiggly traces at the top left peak and bottom left peak of the sustain signal. This is FET damage. 

plasma television troubleshooting

Picture 5

Pic5: Here’s a closer observation of the faulty sustain signal. The sustain period can not complete its charge cycle with bad output FETs. This kind of failure usually causes a 'no-picture' symptom. 

plasma tv waveform

Picture 6

Pic6: Here Damon points to the heatsink of the module that is causing the problem on the Y sustain board. The scope has revealed that the module has internal FETs which are defective and require servicing. 

plasma tv repairing and troubleshooting

Picture 7

Pic7: After Damon has fully serviced the Y sustain board he is now showing the excellent picture quality of this plasma set.

This article is written by Damon.

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