How To Repair Hisense LCD TV With Auto Change Channel Problem


Model : Hisense TLM26V68 LCD TV 

Chassis: MST721DU


The complaint of this Television was TV channel will automatically change. During initial observation, the television sound and display were normal. The problem only occurs while watching television programs. First suspect was the remote control or the push button front panel controls.  Removed the remote control batteries the problem still remains.  Disconnected the CN8 connector (control panel pcb board of the tv) still with the same problem. 

Have tried to replace the crystal of main chip, but the problem remain the same. After that, checked the supply voltage to main chip, 3.3V_MST line was getting 3.7V instead of 3.3 volt. So suspect the U2 3.3V SMD voltage regulator IC have problem. After replaced the U2 IC, the TV was back to normal! 

hisense lcdtv problem change channel

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