All About Flyback Transformers

Everything you need to know about flyback transformers:


flyback transformers



What is flyback transformer?

Simple explanation how a flyback transformer work. 

Understanding flyback transformer pinout

If you know the functions of each pin in flyback transformers, then chances are high you will be able to test it accurately. Otherwise, testing flyback is a complicating process. You do not know which pin is for B+, which pin to G1 and so on. With the help of this article , it won't take you a long time to understand the purpose of the pin in flyback transformer. 

The ABL pin of flyback transformer

Many computer monitor repairer can't find the abl pin of a flyback transformer. If this pin supplying signal to the contrast circuit have problem, the computer monitor display would appears dim and you can brighten up using the front panel control function. You must know how to locate this circuit in order to successfully troubleshoot the contrast fault. With the help of this article i'm sure you will definetely have no problem identifying the abl pin in the future.

Monitor flyback transformer replacement secrets

Different brand of flyback transformer have different kind of winding value in it. The internal winding connection also different from other types. If you want to successfully replace other type of flyback for replacement purposes then understand the internal winding and value is a must. If you don't, a wrong substitution may caused the horizontal output transistor (HOT) to blow in a very short time. Carefully understand the article and grasp the knowledge from it.

Flyback transformer video

Safety guide about the arc produced by flyback transformer